Green Bean Casserole

By: Barbi

“Here is the easy version!”

1 can green beans
1 can Campbells Cream Of Celery Soup
garlic powder
onion powder

Mix togehter and bake, covered for 40 minutes.
Or, microwave it for about 5 minutes.

Top with Lawry’s French Fried Onions and bake, uncovered until they are crispy,
about 5-10 minutes more.

That’s it! Youre done!

Prep Time: 2.5 minutes
Cook Time: Depends on your oven, how long it’s in, and the temperature you use.
I never worry about that, minor details like time and temp, just throw it in there!
Anywhere from 300-400° is good, then check it every 20 minutes or so.
The top will be getting a little brown, thats how you’ll know it’s done.