grilled cheese and garlic sandwich

By: Barbi Claridge

1. shred extra-sharp cheddar cheese with fresh garlic
(run a peeled garlic clove across the cheese shredder until covered,
now shred your cheese until garlic is gone, repeat – you now have
garlic shredded cheese)
2. press garlic shredded cheese onto both slices of bread (so that
no strands are hanging over the edge)
3. insert thinly sliced tomato between the two halves, press together
4. butter outsides of sandwich
5. fry in pan until both sides are nice and brown


p.s. I eat alot of garlic so I am used to eating a whole clove in
one sandwich. This may be too strong for some people. If you are
making more than one sandwich you could just use one clove for
the total cheese in all the sandwiches. Just mix up the cheese
good after shredding, so the garlic will be evenly distributed.