It does a kava good.

Through a lot of trial and error, Our Mixologists have
determined that milk is the most complimentary base for
“kava konkoctions”. Milk effectively holds the kava powder
in suspension and reduces the graininess, creating a
better overall mouth feel.

The Kavaccinno
Use 1 tablespoon or approximately 8 grams of Kava Kava and
4 to 6 oz of Milk for each drink you want to prepare.
In a blender or a shaker, add the milk, Kava Kava and sugar
(1 teaspoon for each serving). Mix on high speed or shake
for 1 minute. Pour and Enjoy!
*Sprinkle powdered Cinnamon for a garnish*

The KavaMocha
In a bender or a shaker, add the milk, Kava Kava, sugar and
2 tablespoons of Hershey’s chocolate syrup(Regular or Malt).
Blend on high or shake for 1 minute.
*Add shaved chocolate as a garnish*

Swiss Peanut Butter Miss and Kava
Mix the entire contents of chocolate Swiss Miss packet in 1/2
of the recommended hot water as directed and add 1 teaspoon of
peanut butter. Mix Kava Kava in a 1/2 serving size of milk then
blend the two mixtures together for a heavenly “Reesey Piecey”

Banana Cream Kava
Add milk, a banana and Kava Kava to a blender or shaker.
Mix on high or shake for 1 minute.
*Use coconut milk for a great Pina`Kavalata*

Banana Shake
Add milk and Kava Kava to a blender. Once mixed , add two very
ripe bananas and 1 cup ice. Add sugar if desired.
*Add chocolate shavings as a garnish.*